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We represent a diverse selection of clients at Fab-Biker PR - from sidecars to scooters, clothing & helmet brands, tour companies and retailers - but they all have one thing in common. Motorcycles. We understand what makes their customers tick and how to communicate with them - that means we deliver results quickly and consistently. This is what our clients say about us.

Henry (1).jpg


The Motorbike Show

The show is rating its socks off. Think your involvement is going a long way in driving that. Thanks mate.

Ben (1).jpg


Watsonian Sidecars

Dan has great respect from everyone in the Motorcycle Industry, from manufacturers, dealers and most importantly journalists.



Motohaus Powersports

Apart from him and his team being really good at what they do and thinking two steps ahead, Dan himself is, above all, a seriously nice guy.


Paul Haskins

Tech Design Team UK Ltd

We approached Fab-Biker PR to help raise awareness of the premium helmets in LS2's range. From Day One, they hit the ground running and delivered results fast. Their services are invaluable and we have complete trust in them.

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