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Excellent public relations is vital for your business and brand, but it is resource-intensive.


Is yours one of the many companies that simply does not have enough time, expertise or market knowledge to manage their PR properly? If so, we can help.


Fab-Biker PR specialises in motorcycle public relations and has been making sure clients get noticed since 1996. We provide plug-in support, where and when it's needed.


Our press releases have generated thousands of pieces of coverage for clients. We've even been directly involved in setting two Guinness World Records! 


The range of services that we offer has grown to include creating customer newsletters, producing web content and managing social media.


Our passion for motorcycling helps us to communicate the exciting benefits of new products & services in everyday language that resonates with riders.


If you want to focus on running your business, confident that your PR is expertly taken care of, perhaps we should talk.



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The Fabulous Biker Boys Ltd

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01993 709486

Fab-Biker PR, Hexagon Business Centre, Wittas House, Two Rivers, Station Lane, Witney OX28 4BH


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